Food Process Engineering Capabilities


The OSI Vista Food Process Engineering teams bring a true global perspective to your business. We are constantly linked to our network of zone offices and manufacturing facilities where we share our world experience to better understand your needs and meet them with solutions that improve quality, streamline processes and improve efficiencies.

We live on the Fast Track:

Our food process engineering has two working speeds: fast and faster. We understand that in today’s competitive world speed to market is the key to the difference between a market leader and a “me too.” With our expertise, flexibility and global network links we design processes that are more than capable of delivering the speed required by our customers.

We have Global Influence:

We work with the best equipment manufacturers in the world and our global procurement strength makes it easier to bring the latest technology to our plants. OSI Vista global manufacturing network helps us track equipment and retrieve new technology and processes to help us deliver the best product to you at the best price.

We’ll Watch Your Budget:

We do not cut corners or take half measures to cut costs. We implement the best processes and find the most cost effective ways to produce the products you need keeping quality in mind so your bottom line will notice the difference but your customers won’t. We employ teams along the whole process to study and drive cost savings projects that will benefit our customers and have a positive impact on their business.