Food Supply Capabilities


OSI Vista is regarded as one of the premiere global supply chain management experts, because of our strength in raw materials sourcing, our exacting product commercialization processes, and production standards that are second to none. Effective supply chain practices ensure quality control of raw materials all the way from the source to the products final destination in-store or in-house.

Farm to Fork Supply Chain: Fresh Chilled

Contract farming is a new sourcing model adopted by OSI Vista Foods for procuring fresh produce directly from the farms. Unlike the traditional contract farming system, the company is in direct contact with the farmers, helping them improve their overall farm productivity and worker efficiency. This system has enabled OSI Vista Foods to ensure assured supplies, optimize farm resources and reduce production cost in a sustainable manner.

Consolidated farming enables small farms to adopt the best practices and enables implementation of Good Agricultural Practices to ensure food safety from farm to fork. The farmers, with the help of consolidators, have been connected with agricultural universities, research institutes, input companies, banks, government institutions and other entities to extend benefits throughout the industry.


Farm to Fork Supply Chain: Frozen Vegetables

OSI Vista has further extended the supply chain expertise to the Frozen Vegetable segment and has been working with several entrepreneurs across the country to create capacities to meet long term requirements of this fast growing category. We have successfully replaced almost all fresh vegetables with frozen, which has further enabled reduced waste, consistent quality and stable prices for the customers. OSI Vista has helped suppliers of frozen vegetables to develop and adopt the right processes for producing superior quality frozen vegetable products.


Farm to Fork Supply Chain: Poultry

OSI Vista has been pioneering the poultry and egg supply chain in the country by working closely with the best suppliers in the industry. Working in partnership with our direct suppliers, other retailers, the broader industry and research institutes, we seek ways to promote animal health and welfare practices. We also help them with bio-security along their supply chains, drive continuous improvement and implement verification systems that monitor compliance against specific criteria.


Country’s first egg washing and grading line was set up to cater to the QSR requirements in association with the superior poultry company of the country.


We have global buying power and long-standing relationships with the best suppliers in the business. Tough ongoing vendor evaluations and measurements ensure the products we produce meet or exceed the standards, whether they’re manufactured in Sirhind or Madanapalle.

We have stringent tracking and tracing systems already in place, so you can focus on marketing and supporting your brands, instead of manufacturing products.